A Guide To The Different Types Of Prostitutes

Not All Prostitution Is the Same

The world of prostitution has a lot of variety. This variety is more than just where the prostitutes work, as the type of prostitution they perform has a significant impact on the money they can earn and their overall health and safety while working. The exact divisions will be different for each country but generally all prostitution across the world can be broken down into 6 main categories.

(1) Independent Escorts or Call Girls

Independent escorts are self-employed professionals who operate out of hotel rooms or private residences, charge higher prices, and try to keep a low profile. The internet has allowed this type of independent prostitution to flourish, and many women no longer feel they need the services of escort agencies or pimps to find and evaluate customers.

(2) Employees of an Escort Agency

Much the same as independent escorts or call girls, these women work out of hotels or private residences and tend to charge higher prices. The big difference between agency employees and independent professionals is that the employees pay a portion of their earnings for the agency’s services in finding and vetting customers. These women are usually newer to the profession or are long-time professionals who do not want to deal with the hassle of running their own business.

(3) Employees of Brothels

A brothel is a dedicated facility where people go to pay for sex and often includes added feature like massage parlors and saunas. They tend to charge slightly less than escort services and the women have to hand over a larger part of their earnings for using the brothel’s facilities. Brothels are actually legal in many parts of the world, which provides a certain degree of safety and oversight for the prostitutes.

(4) Window Workers

This is the type of prostitution that Amsterdam is famous for. The prostitutes are displayed in the windows of building, where they attempt to entice passing men in for paid sex. These women tend to be paid a lower wage than they would make in a regular brothel, as the facilities are of a lower quality and there is rarely any sort of management present. Most of these facilities are single occupancy rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens, so the prostitutes are mostly alone while working, unlike in a true brothel situation.

(5) Casino or Bar Workers

These prostitutes look for potential customers at bars and casinos, and then go to a different location to have sex. In many places, the prostitutes are allowed to work in the bar or casino by the management and have to pay a cut to the establishment for working on their premises. This arrangement offers a small degree of oversight and security for the prostitute, but they are still meeting strangers and going to unknown locations to have sex. These workers tend to earn lower amounts on the pay scale for prostitution.

(6) Streetwalkers

These prostitutes generally earn very little money and are extremely vulnerable to violent customers and exploitation. Being a streetwalker is an extremely dangerous profession. Various studies have shown that they are around 18 times more likely to be murder victims than women from their age category. As the name suggests, these women solicit customers from the street and then have sex in a variety of locations, many of which are far from safe, clean or savoury.

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